What is the value of “Reliable”?

The value of something is usually based on its availability in relationship to its demand. I wonder what the value of “Reliable” is in today’s world? It is clear to me that the number of reliable people, those who actually do what they say they are going to do, is in very short supply. What isn’t so obvious is the demand our world has for reliable people. So the question I am wrestling is: How valuable is a person who actually does what they say they are going to do? Sadly, there are so few people I have met throughout my journey who I can count on to deliver what they promise. I think the dialogue between two people, which might include the promise of doing something for the other carries as much meaning as the question of How are you? It is just part of the superficial interchange among people.

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I am a middle aged man trying to be the best person I can become, make a positive difference in our world, while trying to make sense of my life's journey.
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