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Life is not a race from birth to death.  Tragically this is not realized until we reach a point when the clock continues to click at a noticably faster pace each and every day. And we try everything in our power to enjoy the moments as best we can.

As Charles Swindoll says, “In the final analysis, the race (success) is won by right objectives relentlessly pursued. Whether it is an athlete reaching the Super Bowl, parents rearing a household of kids, a young woman earning her PhD., or a gifted musician perfecting his skill on an instrument, hanging tough over the long haul is still the investment that pays the richest dividends. And, I might add, it brings the greatest joy.”

About MZR

I am a middle aged man trying to be the best person I can become, make a positive difference in our world, while trying to make sense of my life's journey.
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