Is it considered cheating if you aren’t caught?

I was indoctrinated early in my collegiate soccer career to the illegal but very effective technique of grabbing one’s opponent’s shirt and shorts to gain the competitive advantage. This was actually considered an acceptable action as long as the official didn’t see it. Was this considered cheating?

In a society where a person is judged a “success” primarily based on results, the fabric of that society will be adversely affected.

Many of us are challenged everyday with the decision  between surviving and compromising our core values to survive.  Often times, it seems it would be easier if we weren’t bound by such values.  And yet those values are what define us as individuals.

What if the playing field is real life?  Due to a financial calamity beyond your control bills aren’t being paid and you are in danger of losing your home.  Many of the problems are a result of big corporations who have made their fortunes by gaming a broken system.  They played by a set of rules that allowed them to legally do unethical things because the mandate to make money was their mission and an accepted part of our culture.

It is at this point in one’s life where the true character and moral compass is tested.  Thank goodness for the gift of faith and hope.  It is easy to be faithful when things are going well.  But it is only when lives hang in the balance is the measure of one’s faith truly tested.

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I am a middle aged man trying to be the best person I can become, make a positive difference in our world, while trying to make sense of my life's journey.
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