My First Day of Blogging. Some thoughts…

As I begin my historic day of blogging, two (2) ideas come to mind. These profound tidbits of wisdom were shared with me many years ago by friends who believed these truths of life to be self evident. The older I get the more I understand the genius in these statements.

1. The only thing in life that makes sense is that nothing makes sense.

2. If you want to be assured of finding appreciation, always carry a pocket dictionary.

For most of us these tenets seem to conflict with our basic needs as human beings. We are raised to believe, or maybe it is we want to believe that there is a certain order in life and that the relationship between people and the actions of people are supposed to make sense. And even more than being compensated by money, we also have the desire and expectation to be recognized and appreciated for who we are and what we do.

We seem to live in a society that rewards flash over substance, and activity over accomplishment.

Life has become a sprint race from birth to death. We are becoming more like the tools of the technology we use to help us multi-task and get through the day faster. It is always on to the next item without taking the time to reflect and savior the experience of the journey. The result has become the priority, not the process.

The irony for me at this point in my life, is that while I am consciously trying to embrace life to its fullest and frequently express my gratitude for all that I have, the joy is ephemeral. Life is like grasping a hand full of sand to enjoy the individual grains. No matter how delicately I try to capture the greatest amount of sand, most of it seems to slip through my fingers. I am regularly frustrated by my perception of the consistent acceleration of time. Every day time seems to move a little faster than the previous one. It’s an amazing thing!

In successful selling, in spite of all the pressures we face, having patience and a faith in the process is critical to achieving the  desired outcome.  We need to be grateful for all of the things we can control and for doing the best we can.

About MZR

I am a middle aged man trying to be the best person I can become, make a positive difference in our world, while trying to make sense of my life's journey.
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