We Need Each Other!!

I recently read a brilliant little poem shared by Dr. Charles R. Swindoll from his book “Laugh Again”.  More than ever I find this relevant and want to share it with you.

How Important Are You? 1983 from United Technologies Corp

More than you think.

A rooster minus a hen equals no baby chicks.

Kellogg minus

a farmer equals no corn flakes.

 If the nail factory closes, what good is the hammer factory?

Paderewski’s genius wouldn’t have amounted to much if the piano tuner

hadn’t shown up.

A cracker maker

will do better if there’s a


The most skillful

surgeon needs

the ambulance driver

who delivers the


Just as Rodgers

needed Hammerstein

you need someone

and someone

needs you.

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I am a middle aged man trying to be the best person I can become, make a positive difference in our world, while trying to make sense of my life's journey.
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